Review: Two Truths and a Lie

Locked Room Mystery. Teenage Drama Stars. Misdirection. Mystery. Fire. Cougars. Two Truths and a Lie has it all and I’m excited to be a part of this great tour with TBR and Beyond Tours!

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A group of teens are trapped in an old motel with a murderer in this chilling YA mystery by New York Times bestselling author April Henry.

What a cover!

Nell has always wanted to be an actor, but doubts her ability. As a member of her school’s theater program, she prefers working backstage. On the way to a contest, an unexpected blizzard strands her acting troupe in a creepy motel. Soon they meet a group of strangers from another high school—including the mysterious and handsome Knox, who insists they play the game Two Truths and a Lie. When it’s Nell’s turn, she draws a slip of paper inked in unfamiliar handwriting:

I like to watch people die.
I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve killed.

Suddenly a night of harmless fun turns into a matter of life and death. As guests go missing, it becomes clear that a murderer is hiding in their midst ready to strike again. In a room full of liars and performers, the truth is never quite what it seems. Nell is going to have to act like her life depends on it—because it does.

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My Thoughts:

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. It’s a fast-paced thriller that is smart without being too smart, creepy without being scary, and even though I guessed the killer right away, I wasn’t sure until the end that I was REALLY right.

When teen actors on their way to a competition get stuck in a snowstorm, the only option is a run down motel with serious serial killer vibes – and those vibes turn out to be true. Nell wants to trust the other kids she’s stuck in the motel with, but can she? And what about the cute boy that seems to maybe like her, too? Can you decide you like somone that fast? Nell is smart and observant, and that will either help save them all or lead to their doom.

The characters are funny and smart and true teens – full of the bravado and superiority that you would expect – but also still kids at heart. The adults in the room are doing their best, but also D.O.N.E. with their charges.

This s the perfect rainy day read. I read it in a quick afternoon with a cup of warm tea and my dog by my side.

New York Times-bestselling author April Henry knows how to kill you in a two-dozen different ways. She makes up for a peaceful childhood in an intact home by killing off fictional characters. There was one detour on April’s path to destruction:  when she was 12 she sent a short story about a six-foot tall frog who loved peanut butter to noted children’s author Roald Dahl. He liked it so much he showed it to his editor, who asked if she could publish it in Puffin Post, an international children’s magazine. By the time April was in her 30s, she had started writing about hit men, kidnappers, and drug dealers. She has published 26 mysteries and thrillers for teens and adults, with more to come. She is known for meticulously researching her novels to get the details right. 

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